Join Truffles as he takes you on his unforgettable journey to find his big purpose in life.  His story will make you laugh and cry as he warms his way into your heart. It's a story you'll never want to forget!

It is with great pain in my heart to tell everyone who knew and loved Truffles that  on August 30,2017, Truffles passed away. He not only gave to me and my family so much unconditional love and joy;  but to everyone he touched.

Truffles may not be here on earth but he will be ...FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS .




For Young and Old Alike

Welcome to the official site of "Pillow with a Heartbeat," an inspirational photographic book written by Nancy Stanley and narrated by her dog, Truffles.​

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Nancy Stanley is the pioneer of modern day “animal therapy.” She was the first to introduce animal therapy to severely challenged children and to convalescent hospitals for the elderly in 1982. She started her non-profit organization, Tender Loving Zoo, (TLZ) bringing baby animals to centers for the blind ,deaf, autistic and into hospitals for the very first time.

As a former veterinary assistant, Nancy  worked and cared for a variety of animals, in addition to having worked at the Los Angeles Zoo caring for baby gorillas. To date, Nancy has continued her pet therapy programs and her continuous goals to improve the lives of others.

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