Nancy Stanley is the pioneer of modern day “animal therapy.” She first introduced animal therapy to severely handicapped children and to convalescent hospitals for the elderly in 1982 after founding Tender Loving Zoo, a nonprofit organization.
Nancy served as the national media and public relations director of Tender Loving Zoo. As a former veterinary assistant, Nancy has worked and cared for a variety of animals, in addition to having worked at the Los Angeles Zoo caring for baby gorillas.






Nancy authored and published Pillow with a Heartbeat, the heartwarming tale about a little dog, Truffles, who finds his big purpose as a therapy dog. What makes this book so special is
that the story is written from the dog’s perspective. It’s a story you won’t want to forget. This book’s mission is to continue Truffles’ journey, bringing unconditional love and comfort to children who are battling life-threatening diseases, to the elderly, and to children who suffer from autism. Nancy has been a wish grantor for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Diego for several years and it was as a wish- grantor that Nancy was inspired by a very special child to write Pillow with a Heartbeat.

As a spokesperson for equine welfare and rescue, Nancy works to support the retirement of thoroughbred horses in a transition to Equine Assisted Activities programs. She is active in the campaign against horse slaughter and serves as an advisory board member for the feature documentary film, “Saving America’s Horses.”

Nancy, a former New Yorker, is a mother and grandmother of three. Nancy and Truffles live in Carlsbad, California.

About Nancy Stanley