This is for all the children...
Please send me an email to my fan club and let me know how you liked my story. l will write you back and send you a picture of me.
Looking forward to writing you!  


Letters from OUR fans



Thabo is an African boy who got my book from his adoptive parents who run Daktari, an animal orphanage. He is waiting for another book to learn more about Truffles.

Welcome to Our Fan Club

Please go to"letters from our readers" and read a letter that we received from our friends in South Africa. They are the founders of animal orphanage in called Daktari. They rescue animals from the wild who have been injured by those horrible poachers or who have been orphaned because of them. They also bring children in from the villages to educated them about the animals and to teach them  how to care for them. They develop a respect for the wildlife that they never had before. Thabo,their adopted son, read the book ,and Michele and Ian sent us this wonderful letter. We are so happy because our story is making a difference even for children on the other side of the world. 
Their website is. . . www.info@daktaribushschool.org   One day Mom and I are going to visit them. Maybe when my next book is finished we can take that wonderful trip across the world.This is a picture of Thabo reading our book. Can you believe that my book is in Africa? Well, it's time to go again. I will be going away on a trip with my Mom , but I'll write again when we get back. 

"I just read Truffles' wonderful book and want to both congratulate you both and tell you how much I enjoyed it.
I had recently written by replying to your B&N book signing announcement email a couple of times to see if I could buy a couple of copies and to see if Truffles could sign one of them to my friend's dog Bentley. Sorry we couldn't connect on that but wanted still to tell you how wonderfully touching and share some memories that had  
come up.
Also I remembered after Truffles describing his frequent teeth cleaning by you and your attention to white teeth, I remembered, and want to thank you for making me aware as well to the better whitening methods you had come to conclude.
Although I have known many exceptional dogs in my life with many making an impact on me, on the occasion a situation would arise on the subject, I still single out my all to brief experience with Truffles. His human like awareness, caring and incredible bonding the two of you have. I'm still appreciative of having that experience and reading his book only made my observations all the more impactful. Thanx.
Bentley's "parents" get back to town this weekend and I'm anxious to give him his copy to have them read it to him for his/their enjoyment and to share how Truffles had so impressed me."

Thanx again,

Dear Nancy,  
I just wanted to let you know that I have lent last night your book to Thabo our (underprivileged) adopted son. He doesn't read a lot because English is still difficult for him. This morning he came back to me talking about what he read about Truffles and that he stopped reading when the people were taking Truffles away from his mummy .... Thabo said to me that he had to sleep but he wanted to carry on reading as it's such a nice book that he likes "very very much" as he says.He was again at lunch time with your book again ;-)))) telling me he want to know the whole story. He already asked me if you would write another book ;-))))) I wanted to share this with you and to let you know that a young underprivileged kid of South Africa is enjoying so much your book !
Thanks a million for encouraging him to read ;-)"

Suzy Blaine said:  "After speaking to you in Florida, I was anxious to read your book. It was easy to order on Amazon, and I read it while taking chemo. I couldn't put it down, and couldn't wait to share it with my grandchildren."
Thank you for doing what you do and sharing Truffles with so many people.

"Dear Truffles. 
I want to tell you that I really loved your book about you and how your mommy took you to school and everywhere to help people. You are so cute and you look like a fluffy ball of cotton. Maybe I can take my dog george around to help people too. My mommy said it would be good and he would be a happyer dog. He is a Lassie dog and he loves to be around people. Can you send me some pictures of truffles? I will send you pictures to your fan club. Oh, thank you for signing my book." 

Renee ( 11 yr old )

"I have just checked into your Pillow with a Heartbeat and decided to share the following with you:
Hello my good friend Nancy,
Even as we pass by Father's Day, I must give you the news about a challenge Carmen and I are taking on.  Now that Keesha's passing has been left behind us (although we continue to softly mourn) we have decided to add a new member to our family.
We have gone to the Quincy Humane Shelter to look at the various dogs who have been rescued and are awaiting adoption. Our plan was to find a young-but-already somewhat-trained creature.
We have found a black Lab-Mix medium sized female now 10 months old who was rescued from a family where the young twins in the family were mistreating her. She is about 35 pounds and a bit longer than was Keesha (about 32 inches long) with a good temperament. Yes, Carmen will be taking her to an Obedience Program for lessons. But we have already been altering our living space to provide a special sleeping/resting shelter (a large open-type crate) for her to "retire" to during the night and sometimes during the daytime too.
TARA will be her name. It is the Buddhist name of a traditional deity of Compassion.
And so we are starting a new language development for communicating with her.
Tara will arrive here on Tuesday of this coming week.
Please give us your blessings and prayers for successful connection."

Hi Nancy, I received my copy of "Pillow with a Hearbeat". Truffle's story left an impression on me and touched my heart. It is evident you gave him the strength to overcome pneumonia and you gave him the direction and the love he needed to become a therapy dog. Its like you gave him purpose in life and he does it all to please you. That is the wonderful thing about domestic animals and dogs in particular. They respond to the love given to them by the ones who take care of them by a factor of 10. You show them a little attention, a little love and they come back with a love, Agape love if you will, unconditional in nature. Truffle's story is a great example of that kind of love. I wish you, and Truffles, all the success with this book and I am sure touching the hearts of your readers is much more important to you than the recognition or financial gain you may receive from this book. What a wonderful story. Bye for now Ralph

This isn't a letter but I wanted to post it because I'm so proud of this. Mom got it from someone who worked with her and who better to show her off than I?

"I doubt any of my clients or former clients match Nancy's innate skills when it comes to marketing and promotion. Having had the privilege of watching her work a crowd, I witnessed firsthand her ability to genuinely connect with people and talk up her book without putting anyone off. Most authors have a hard time finding this balance, either being too reticent or too forceful. But that doesn't mean Nancy isn't determined and persistent -- when it comes to the process of promoting her book, she is dogged. (Pun intended!) On top of all this, she's an authentically nice person who has an admirable mission in her work. And as a client, I'd give her an "A."

Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for joining our Pre-K classroom at Casa de Amparo’s Child Development Center. The children absolutely loved meeting Truffles and watching him show off his amazing skills. With many of our children involved with trauma, or a history of abuse and neglect, having a therapeutic canine in the classroom was such an emotional release for them.

We looked at Truffles’ book, and we asked the children about their experience with him in the classroom. Here are some of their responses!

 “He’s cute! Happy!”
“He’s super, super cute. He licked me”
“He’s adorable!”
“He makes me happy”
“He made me happy when I was sad.”
“Truffles is cute. He is so cute because he was having fun!”
“He drinks water. He makes me happy all the time!”
“He’s fluffy. He makes me happy!”
“He’s so cute and soft”

“He licked me and made me happy”
“He’s very old, but rolls over!”

We truly enjoyed the experience, and we hope that you will join us again! We look forward to having you at our graduation- we can’t wait to see all of the children in their caps and gowns that you so generously donated to us!