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Pillow with a Heartbeat

The Heartwarming Tale of a Little Dog Who Finds His Big Purpose
By Nancy Stanley
“Be the kind of person your dog already thinks you are.” – Nancy Stanley


Join Truffles, a little chocolate poodle with a huge heart, as he goes from being an awkward puppy to a very special dog. Along the way, we meet his friends and share in his ups and downs as he discovers his big purpose—animal therapy!

Inside the adorable gift book, Pillow with a Heartbeat, you’ll find the story of one little puppy’s life experiences from birth to present day, so sensitively written in his own words. Truffles shares the woes of puppyhood: bullying siblings, being taken away from his mother to be sold, and a close call with tainted dog food. Even after he finds a loving home, he endures a few more challenges: threatening pneumonia and an encounter with a coyote. It’s an awful lot for a little dog weighing less than five pounds. Happily, surviving the trials and tribulations of his early years, Truffles goes on to have a surprise reunion with a long-lost brother. He soon becomes an accomplished therapy dog.

Nancy Stanley’s inspiration to write Pillow with a Heartbeat came from a young girl, Michelle Butler, who battled leukemia. Nancy was Michelle’s wish granter with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Truffles was Michelle’s therapy dog. He brought her much joy while she battled cancer. Their bond was life changing. Michelle passed away in 2009 and to this day her family still thanks Truffles for all the happiness and love he gave to her.

Truffles’ inspiration story makes Pillow with a Heartbeat a perfect gift for the holidays. This book illustrates how much difference a dog can make in a person’s life. Pillow with a Heartbeat is a heartwarming story for all ages.